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Ancestral Acres Farm
"A working family farm since 1779"

Settled in 1779 Ancestral Acres Farm has been a working family farm for seven generations. Today the farm consists of 600 acres, which encompasses over 40 acres of pastureland, 140 acres of hay fields and the remaining being forest including our maple groves.   Nestled in the southern White Mountains of New Hampshire, with beautiful views into the Pemigewasset River Valley below,  the farm is a stopping point for many locals and travelers throughout the region.

The farm currently houses horses, yields 14,000 bales of hay,  is home to the famous "Dana Hill Horse Show" series and produces the New Hampshire Gold Product line.    Many traditions have been passed through the generations including the age old process of maple sugaring.    Each Spring we tap the maple trees and boil down the sap in a traditional wood fired evaporator to make our own delicious maple syrup. From this we create our own maple candy, granulated sugar and maple cream.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to be the caretakers of this great piece of land and look forward to passing the traditions to the upcoming generations.

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